Seminar calendar

  • Feb 14, 2023 (Petr Denissenko) Albatrosses of rivers: Inertial mechanism behind dynamic station holding in fish
    University of Warwick, UK Record: YouTube Record: Bilibili
  • Feb, 21, 2023 (Liu Hao) Computational Biomechanics of Insect-inspired Flapping Flights
    Chiba University, Japan
  • Feb, 28, 2023 (Amirreza Rouhi) High Reynolds number turbulent drag reduction by spanwise wall forcing
    Nottingham Trent Univ., UK Record: YouTube Record: Bilibili
  • Mar, 7, 2023 (Jun Zhang) Toy-Model Experiments Inspired by Geophysical Phenomena
    New York University, USA
  • Mar, 14, 2023 (James Herbert-Read) Perception, motion and coordination in animal groups
    University of Cambridge, UK Record: YouTube Record: Bilibili
  • Mar, 28, 2023 (Chandan Bose) Dynamical Perspectives of Nonlinear Aeroelastic Systems
    University of Edinburgh, UK
  • April, 11, 2023 (Heng Xiao) Learning Turbulence Models from Data — A Unified Perspective of Data Assimilation and Machine Learning
    University of Stuttgart, Germany Record: YouTube Record: Bilibili
  • April, 18, 2023 (Ignazio Maria Viola) Focus on: Fluid mechanics, Fluid dynamics, Aerodynamics, Naval architecture, Biomechanics
    University of Edinburgh, UK
  • April, 25, 2023 (Jean Rabault) Focus on: Fluid Mechanics, PIV, waves in ice, Artificial Neural Networks, oceanography
    Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Norway
  • May, 9, 2023 (Karen Mulleners) Focus on: Unsteady fluid dynamics, Vortex dynamics, Separated flows
    EPFL, Switzerland
  • May, 16, 2023 (Stefano Discetti) Focus on: Aerospace Engineering, Biology and Biomedicine, Computer Science
    Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
  • May, 23, 2023 (Yan Zhang) Focus on: Fluid Dynamics, Wind Engineering, Wind Energy, Bio-fluid Mechanics
    North Dakota State University, USA
  • May, 30, 2023 (Ankang Gao) Focus on: Fluid Mechanics
    Imperial College London, UK
  • Jun, 6, 2023 (Arthur Brown) Focus on: Aircraft design, Aerodynamics, Multidisciplinary optimization
    MIT, USA
  • Jun, 13, 2023 (Christina Harvey) Focus on: Avian-inspired flight, Morphing wings, Bio-inspired flight, Aerodynamics
    University of California, Davis, USA
  • Jun, 20, 2023 (Jiaqing Kou) Focus on: Reduced-order model, Aeroelasticity, Fluid-structure interaction, High-order methods
    RWTH Aachen University, Germany
  • Jun, 27, 2023 (Yuanhang Zhu) Focus on: Fluid-structure interactions, Cyber-physical system, Vortex dynamics, Nonlinear dynamics
    University of Virginia, USA
  • July, 4, 2023 (Songqi Li) Focus on: Fluid dynamics, Machine learning
    Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen, China
  • July, 11, 2023 (Wen Wu) Focus on: Turbulence, Fluid Mechanics, Large-Eddy Simulation, Immersed Boundary
    The University of Mississippi, USA
  • July, 18, 2023 (Sophie Armanini) Focus on: Flight dynamics, System identification, Unmanned air vehicles, Flapping-wing/bioinspired flight, Control systems
    Technical University of Munich, Germany

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Prof. Bernd NOACK



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