Seminar calendar

  • Feb, 16, 2022 (David Rival) Title: Energized Mass: Insights into fluid forces on accelerating bodies
    Personal Website: David Rival
    Queen's University, Canada Record: YouTube Record: Bilibili
  • Feb, 23, 2022 (Zhao Pan) Title: (Mild) Impact-induced Cavitation
    Personal Website: Zhao Pan
    University of Waterloo, Canada Record: YouTube Record: Bilibili
  • Mar, 2, 2022 (Rob Siddall) Title: “Arboreal Acrobatics: Understanding Gliding Animals with Robots
    Personal Website: Rob Siddall
    University of Surrey, UK Record: YouTube Record: Bilibili
  • Mar, 9, 2022 (Jorn Cheney) Title: Wing morphing in bats and gliding birds. (CANCEL)
    Personal Website: Jorn Cheney
    Royal Veterinary College, UK
  • Mar, 16, 2022 (Daniel Floryan) Title: Charting dynamics from data
    Personal Website: Daniel Floryan
    University of Huston, USA Record: YouTube Record: Bilibili
  • Mar, 23, 2022 (Gabriel D Weymouth) Title: Accelerating biological and engineering flow simulations: Are convolutional encoder-decoders all you need?
    Personal Website: Gabriel D Weymouth
    University of Southampton, UK Record: YouTube Record: Bilibili
  • Mar, 30, 2022 (Romit Maulik) Title: Reduced-order modeling of high-dimensional dynamical systems using scientific machine learning.
    Personal Website: Romit Maulik
    Argonne National Laboratory, USA Record: YouTube Record: Bilibili
  • Apr, 6, 2022 (Pascal Gehlert) Title: Unsteady Aerodynamics and what we can Learn from Vorticity
    Personal Website: Pascal Gehlert
    Cambridge University, UK Record: YouTube Record: Bilibili
  • Apr, 13, 2022 (Rajeev Jaiman) Title: Computational Mechanics of Bat Flying.
    Personal Website: Rajeev Jaiman
    University of British Columbia, Canada
  • Apr, 20, 2022 (Paris Perdikaris) Title: Learning Operators with Coupled Attention.
    Personal Website: Paris Perdikaris
    University of Penn, USA Record: YouTube Record: Bilibili
  • Apr, 27, 2022 (Heng Xiao) Title: Data-Driven Closure Modeling Using Derivative-free Kalman Methods
    Personal Website: Dr. Jinlong Wu
    Caltech, USA
  • May, 4, 2022 (Themistoklis Sapsis) Title: Likelihood-weighted active learning with application to Bayesian optimization, uncertainty quantification, and decision making in high dimensions.
    Personal Website: Themistoklis Sapsis
    MIT, USA Record: YouTube Record: Bilibili
  • May, 11, 2022 (Guy Y. Cornejo Maceda) Title: Stabilization of the fluidic pinball and the open cavity experiment with gradient-enriched machine learning control.
    Personal Website: Guy Y. Cornejo Maceda
    HIT (Shenzhen), China Record: YouTube Record: Bilibili
  • May, 18, 2022 (Hang Li) Title: Some Developments on Time Domain Reduced-Order Methods for Aeroelasticity and Non-linear Vibrations
    Personal Website: Hang Li
    Ohio State University, USA
  • May, 25, 2022 (Oscar Curet) Title: TBD.
    Personal Website: Oscar Curet
    Florida Atlantic University, USA
  • Jun, 1, 2022 (Bernd R. NOACK) Title: TBD.
    Personal Website: Bernd R. NOACK
    HIT (Shenzhen), China
  • Jun, 8, 2022 (Liang Li) Title: TBD.
    Personal Website: Liang Li
    Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior, Germany
  • Jun, 15, 2022 (Zhaoguang Wang) Title: TBD.
    Personal Website: Zhaoguang Wang
    Shanghai JiaoTong University, China
  • Jun, 22, 2022 (Cheng Huang) Title: TBD.
    Personal Website:
    University of Kansas, USA
  • Jun, 29, 2022 (Sheng Mao) Title: TBD.
    Personal Website: Sheng Mao
    Peking University, China
  • Jul, 13, 2022 (Kiran Ramesh) Title: TBD.
    Personal Website: Kiran Ramesh
    University of Glasgow, UK
  • Jul, 20, 2022 (Han Tu) Title: TBD.
    Zhejiang University, China
  • Jul, 27, 2022 (Jaime Wong) Title: TBD.
    Personal Website: Jaime Wong
    Univ Alberto, Canada

Advisory Board Member

Prof. Michael Triantafyllou

Prof. Bernd NOACK


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  • MIT Sea Grant

  • Westlake University


    Dr. Dixia Fan

    Co-organizer, Assistant Professor, Westlake University

    Dr. Qiang Zhong

    Co-organizer, Postdoc, University of Virginia

    Dr. Giovanni Iacobello

    Co-organizer, Lecturer, University of Surrey

    Dr. Sicheng He

    Co-organizer, Postdoc, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

    Dr. Kai Zhang

    Co-organizer, Assistant Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen

    Dr. David E. Rival, P.Eng.

    Co-organizer, Associate Professor, Queen’s University

    Dr. Jisheng Zhao

    Co-organizer, Research Fellow, Monash University

    Dr. Juan Li

    Co-organizer, Lecturer, King’s College London

    Jiashun Guan

    Secretary, Ph.D. Candidate, Peking University

    Xinyan Guan

    Secretary, Ph.D. Candidate, Westlake University

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