Seminar calendar

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  • Sep, 6, 2022 (Luoqin Liu) Vertical structure of conventionally neutral atmospheric boundary layers
    USTC, China
  • Sep, 13, 2022 (Justin Jaworski) Aeroacoustics and aerodynamics of quiet owl flight
    Lehigh, USA
  • Sep, 20, 2022 (Yadong Zeng) Numerical Simulations of the Two-phase flow and Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems with Adaptive Mesh Refinement
    Univ. of Minnesota Twin Cities, USA
  • Sep, 27, 2022 (Ricardo Vinuesa) Modeling and controlling turbulent flows through deep learning
    KTH, Sweden
  • Oct, 4, 2022 (Denis-Gabriel Caprace) TBD
    UCLouvain, Belgium
  • Oct, 11, 2022 (Jorn Cheney) Wing morphing in bats and birds
    Univ. Southampton, UK
  • Oct, 18, 2022 (Linkai Li) Experimental investigations on ice accretion process and anti-/de-icing technology for aero-engine icing mitigation
    NUAA, China
  • Oct, 25, 2022 (Melissa Green) Aeroacoustics and aerodynamics of quiet owl flight
    Univ. of Minnesota Twin Cities, USA
  • Nov, 1, 2022 (Gustavo Halila) Efficient Aerodynamic Design Through Transition to Turbulence Modeling and Optimization
    Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
  • Nov, 8, 2022 (Li Wen) TBD
    Li Wen, China
  • Nov, 15, 2022 (Xuhui Meng) Deep Learning for solving forward and inverse PDE problems: Algorithms and Applications
    Brown Univ., USA
  • Nov, 22, 2022 (Graham Taylor) TBD
    Oxford, UK
  • Nov, 29, 2022 (Sunghwan(sunny) Jung) Drinking and Diving
    Cornell, USA
  • Dec, 6, 2022 (Jane Bae) Wall-models for large-eddy simulations of turbulent flows via scientific multi-agent reinforcement learning
    Caltech, USA
  • Dec, 13, 2022 (Daniele Certini) Investigating the glide of Alsomitra macrocarpa with depth cameras
    Queen's Univ., Canada
  • Dec, 20, 2022 (Yang Liu) Exploring the Multi-Scale Physics in Complex Multiphase Thermal-Flow Phenomena
    New York City Univ., USA
  • Jan, 10, 2022 (Bing Deng) TBD
    CSUST, China
  • Jan, 17, 2022 (Devina Sanjaya) Global Mesh Optimization for Computational Fluid Dynamics
    Univ. of Tennessee, USA
  • Jan, 19, 2022 (Hao Liu) Biomechanics and Biomimetics in Bio-inspired Flight Systems
    Chiba Univ., Japan
  • Jan, 24, 2022 (Justin King) Experimental Investigations into the Propulsive Performance and Wakes of Bio-Inspired Pitching Panels
    Univ. of Minnesota Twin Cities, USA

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Prof. Michael Triantafyllou

Prof. Bernd NOACK


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  • MIT Sea Grant

  • Westlake University


    Dr. Dixia Fan

    Co-organizer, Assistant Professor, Westlake University, China

    Dr. Qiang Zhong

    Co-organizer, Assistant Professor, Iowa State University, USA

    Dr. Giovanni Iacobello

    Co-organizer, Lecturer, University of Surrey, UK

    Dr. Sicheng He

    Co-organizer,Postdoc Research Associate, MIT, USA

    Dr. Kai Zhang

    Co-organizer, Assistant Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen, China

    Dr. David E. Rival, P.Eng.

    Co-organizer, Associate Professor, Queen’s University, Canada

    Dr. Jisheng Zhao

    Co-organizer, Research Fellow, Monash University, Australia

    Dr. Juan Li

    Co-organizer, Lecturer, King’s College London, UK

    Jiashun Guan

    Secretary, Ph.D. Candidate, Peking University, China

    Xinyan Guan

    Secretary, Ph.D. Candidate, Westlake University, China

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